In Treasure Isle, you can expand and decorate your island, gather gems and gold from your own island, visit your neighbors' islands to gather gold and gems and do maintenance, and explore exotic islands. On each exotic island you can find Treasures that make up various sets as follows:

Set nameRarity Items
Tiki Statues Uncommon Mountain God Wind God Sea God Forest God Rain God
Tikistatuemountain 60x60 Tikistatuewind 60x60 Tikistatuesea 60x60 Tikistatueforest 60x60 Tikistatuerain 60x60
Royal Garb Uncommon Cap Cloak Staff Loincloth Necklace
Tikikingclothingcap 60x60 Tikikingclothingcloak 60x60 Tikikingclothingstaff 60x60 Tikikingclothingloincloth 60x60 Tikikingclothingnecklace 60x60
Koa Wood Statues Common Marlin Shark Turtle Whale Mahi Mahi
Tikistatuemarlin 60x60 Tikistatueshark 60x60 Tikistatueturtle 60x60 Tikistatuewhale 60x60 Tikistatuemahi 60x60
Puka Shells Common Bracelet Necklace Anklet Earrings Ring
Tikipukabracelet 60x60 Tikipukanecklace 60x60 Tikipukaanklet 60x60 Tikipukaearrings 60x60 Tikipukaring 60x60
Sailing Instruments Common Hourglass Sextant Compass Spyglass Globe
Tikicommonsailinghourglass 60x60 Tikicommonsailingsextant 60x60 Tikicommonsailingcompass 60x60 Tikicommonsailingspyglass 60x60 Tikicommonsailingglobe 60x60
Treasure Remnants Common Broken Bottle Frayed Rope Old Barrel Pottery Shard Worn Strap
Tikicommonremnantbrokenbottle 60x60 Tikicommonremnantfrayedrope 60x60   Tikicommonremnantpotteryshard 60x60 Tikicommonremnantwornstrap 60x60
Hula Outfit Uncommon Skirt Lei Anklet Wristlet Headdress
Coral Jewelery Uncommon Coral Earrings Coral Necklace Coral Bracelet Coral Ring Coral Crown
Tikicoralearrings 60x60 Tikicoralnecklace 60x60 Tikicoralbracelet 60x60 Tikicoralring 60x60 Tikicoralcrown 60x60
Famous Diamonds Rare Blue Heart Golden Jubilee Hope Diamond Hortensia Star of Africa
Tiki diamond blueheart 60x60 Tiki diamond goldenjubilee 60x60 Tiki diamond hope 60x60 Tiki diamond hortensia 60x60 Tiki diamond starofafrica 60x60
Sharktooth Necklaces Rare Great White Tiger Shark Hammerhead Thresher Shark Nurse Shark
Tikinecklacegreatwhite 60x60       Tikinecklacenurse 60x60
Crown Jewels Rare Crown Bracelet Ring Necklace Earrings
        Tikicommoncrownearrings 60x60
Historical Sculptures Rare David The Thinker Justice The Discus Venus
Tiki sculpture david 60x60 Tiki sculpture thinker 60x60 Tiki sculpture justice 60x60 Tiki sculpture discus 60x60 Tiki sculpture venus 60x60
Lost Fine Art Rare Dali Da Vinci Magritte Monet Van Gogh
Chess Pieces Common King Queen Bishop Knight Pawn
Tikicommonchessking 60x60 Tikicommonchessqueen 60x60 Tikicommonchessbishop 60x60 Tikicommonchessknight 60x60 Tikicommonchesspawn 60x60
Royal Tableware Common Serving Platter Chalice Vase Nutcracker Bowl
Tikicommonroyalplatter 60x60        
Treasures of Egypt Unknown King Tut Sphinx The Eye Pyramid Ankh
Tiki egypt tut 60x60 Tiki egypt sphinx 60x60