Gem Gate Isle is a Lvl. 3 island. This is one of the three islands unlocked at Lvl. 3.

The TreasuresEdit

In the Gem Gate Isle, the character must find 5 Koa Wood Statues, 5 Royal Garb, and 5 Famous Diamonds.

Island FeaturesEdit

On the island, there is several differing plants. These include Orchids, Orange Lilies, Palm Trees and Ferns. Minor features also include 1 to 4 small flowers per square, and a few sand dollars. However, these minor features cannot be interacted with. There is a Green Gem Statue, which requires a Green Gem to unlock. After passing this statue is a red-orange tiki totem, which can be searched. As usual, your boat and the dock is also there, at the SE of the island (assuming the top of the screen is North). Also, several jellyfish are floating on the water, while two boulders are visible in the water.