Here can you find the latest updates of Treasure Isle.

April 21th, 2010Edit

New giftable items:

  • Iron Band Barrel
  • Blue Barrel
  • Wine Barrel

April 20th, 2010Edit

Treasure Isle is experiencing an issue that is preventing players from sending multiple gifts or requests.

April 19th, 2010Edit

Let Zynga know what new decorations you want for your home island:

April 16th, 2010Edit

  • Island Expansions: Small Island + Medium Island (locked)
  • New map: Mayan Isles
  • Level up to 100
  • New buyable items: fire pit, flower garden and lava rock

April 13th, 2010Edit

Fixed a few bugs (loading issues); New Gifts:

  • Pearl
  • Black Pearl
  • Royal Butterflies
  • Wild Butterflies

April 12th, 2010Edit

  • New Adoptable animals: Baby Panther, Sloth

April 11th, 2010Edit

  • Adoptable Animals: Turtle, Margay, Toucan

April 10th, 2010Edit

  • More Maps
  • More Treasures

April 8th, 2010Edit

  • A lot of bugs solved

April 6th, 2010Edit

  • New maps
  • Expiring fruit
  • No more “Oops! Your treasure has been lost. Try again later.”

April 4th, 2010Edit

  • New Fruits

April 2th, 2010Edit

  • Treasure Isle is born!