• The main objective of the game is exploring and finding treasures.

On each island, you either dig, search, forage, or mine tiles to find treasures.

Search 10 energy Magnifying Glass
Dig 5 energy Shovel
Forage 7 energy Machete
Mine 10 energy Pickaxe
Gem Gate 0 energy


+ You Can Also Buy A Crowbar At Lvl 10 To Search Some Things. That Uses 10 Energy.

+ You Can Also Harvest Your Baby Phoenix (Which You Acquire By Doing Fire God Mountain And Hatch When You Free The Fire God) To Get A Fire Shovel Which Is Like A Sharp Axe On Frontierville, Only That It Does 3 Tiles At Once For The Price Of Either 1-10 Energy.

  • Unanimated objects such as statues, torches, Fishshacks, and huts can be searched. You can purchase a machete to search bushes, flowers, trees and buy a pickaxe to mine rocks, AND Buy Crowbar To Search For Some Things.
  • Each tile has a number of rewards that you may find.

Nothing 1 xp
Find Fruit 2 xp and a fruit
Find Money 3 xp and some gold
Find Gem 4 xp and a gem
Common Treasure 5 xp and a treasure
Find Cash 10 xp and one cash
Uncommon Treasure 15 xp and a treasure
Rare Treasure 50 xp and a treasure
Ultra Rare Treasure 100 xp and a treasure

  • If you dig/search close to a treasure you will be notified that you are close. If you receive the message "Treasure Nearby", a treasure is located 2 tiles away from the spot you just searched. If you see "Treasure Close!", the treasure tile is touching the tile you just searched. Please note that tiles cornering the current tile do count as 'touching'. If you are low on energy, you might need to use a Minesweeper like strategy to find the treasure.